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Photographs of Precision's Culvert Installation, Trenching, and Directional Boring
Culvert Prep and Installation - The photo gallery below shows the installation of a culvert from beginning to completion.  Precision offers a wide variety of services. When you need flexibility, call Precision at 281-935-7714.
Trenching for Conduit and Culvert Install Project - The photo gallery below shows trenching for the installation of conduit, as well as a culvert installation for the same client. The culvert and road leads to a building pad site where a home will be built. Call 281-935-7714 for more information and quotes. 
Commercial Sites - The photo sequence below shows work on a commercial site. you will see where extensive grading, crushed concrete leveling, and repair to old areas was completed. Precision can do the same for you. Just call 281-935-7714!
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